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Serving Luxury Villas in Goa for Rent!

The Goa Villas derives its justly earned reputation by providing world class quality services to its clients-travellers, tour operators and corporate houses. The brand represents trust, competitiveness & excellence in service.

We provide accommodation

We provide accommodation in Goa which offers exceptional value for money. We have villas and apartments suitable for solo travellers, couples, families and large groups.

One stop travel company

The Goa Villas a one stop travel company has established itself as a professional, service oriented and cost effective Travel Management Company for our business associates.

Best in Services

We expand our thinking and grow faster than the industry average, and we enjoy being seen as young aggressive company. We believe that we do not have to compromise our integrity to be profit driven.

Happy Family

Our company is built around the people and we call it a family. We maintain a very personalized an open door policy for our family because it is people who make the difference.

Our Vision

* Clients will always be our number one priority. They are our sole reason for existence
* Every relationship, every opportunity, every customer requires a united team effort. Clear direction, common goals, support and encouragement are fundamental to our achievements.
* To be truly successful, we need LEADERS! Leadership provides the direction, motivation and encouragement for us to achieve our organizational and individual goals. Leading the way is about investing the time to guide and direct people and means showing a genuine care and interest in others' success.
* To generate new ideas and deliver on our creative vision

Our Mission

* To maintain the philosophy of Continuous Quality Improvement
* To constantly strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services. We innovate and welcome change, continually increasing our standards of quality and service to clients
* To maintain an environment where our employees can excel personally & share in the success of our company.
* To make "Travel" a truly magical experience
* To be India's top travel & most trusted company
* A "wow" on every smile

Business Travel

Creating innovative, dynamic and stimulating Services that exceed expectations is our primary focus.
We understand business travellers and are equipped to handle their needs with ease. Personalized service and great money-saving deals are some of the advantages you have when you book with us. What sets us apart is our attention to detail and our focus on the customer, with a service team at your disposal 24 X 7.
Serving many leaving companies in India, Quality services are delivered with the financial strength, experienced teammates, advanced systems and innovations you would expect from a leader. Our dedicated team of corporate travel consultants is available to assist and offer you convenient, economical, and hassle-free options.
Depending on Volumes of Business, our customers have the choice of choosing between OFFLINE service as well as ONSITE service. In the ONSITE model, we provide our customers with a dedicated Travel desk within in their premises, a travel counsellor who is well versed and trained.
Whether your goal is to more effectively manage the travel, improve its reporting systems, or simply reduce costs, our aim is always to deliver improved results.